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Three-Phase Synchronous Motor/Generator



The Synchronous Motor/Generator is a 0.2 kW three-phase synchronous machine mounted in a full-size EMS module. This machine can be operated either as a three-phase motor or a three-phase generator. Each phase of the machine stator windings is independently terminated and identified on the front panel to allow operation in either wye or delta configuration. The machine rotor is equipped with a squirrel-cage damper. Variable dc excitation to the rotor field windings is fed through externally mounted slip rings and brushes that are wired to a rheostat and control switch located on the front panel.

Connections to the machine are made through color-coded safety banana jacks located on the front panel of the module. This front panel of the module can be opened to install a Timing Belt, on the pulley of the machine shaft. This permits mechanical coupling of the machine to the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply. The machine has a thermistor output that allows monitoring of the machine internal temperature to prevent overheating.

Note that the coupling can only be done on the right side of the machine. If you require a coupling on the left side, please contact your sales representative.

Synchronous Motor/Generator (with Thermistor Output)
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