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Temperature Processes - eSeries



This site-license course is intended to be used in conjunction with the Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature Process Training Systems, Series 3531. It fully covers temperature processes and is compatible with either the HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication protocols. This course has four units, each of which has a pretest and a posttest. Each course includes the topics covered in the book-based content and their related hands-on exercises. Exercise presentation of technical content is accompanied by voiceover narration to minimize the amount of on-screen reading.

The following learning platforms are available:

• 46944-E: Temperature Processes - eSeries

• 46944-F: Temperature Processes - SCORM

• 46944-G: Temperature Processes - Stand-Alone

Topic Coverage

  • Familiarization with the Training System
  • Measurement
  • Process Control
  • Heat Exchangers and Advanced Temperature Measurement (requires an additional equipment purchase, 3531-20 Advanced Temperature and Heat Exchanger Add-on)


Instrumentation And Process Control Training System - Temperature eSeries
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