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Boiler Simulation (Water/Air) Add-On (Allen-Bradley, Without Temperature Process) – HART



The Boiler Simulation (Water/Air) Add-On (Without Temperature Process) – HART is an inherently safe boiler simulator which is not pressurized and works with water at room temperature. The add-on features a HART Low-Range Differential-Pressure Transmitter and an Allen-Bradley AC Variable Speed Drive (Ethernet).

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 2nd Pump Add-On 46904-B
1 Orifice Plate (Air- High Flow) 46914
1 Rotameter (Air) 46915
1 Differential-Pressure Transmitter (HART, Low Range) 46921
1 Solenoid Valve (Air) 46951-A
1 Pneumatic Control Valve (Air) 46953
1 46975-1
1 Boiler Control (Student Manual) 85993
1 Boiler Control (Instructor Guide) 85993-1
1 Control Valves (User Guide) 86001-E

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