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Electricity and Electronics Training System - All Modules



The Preparatory Electricity and Electronics Trainer (PEET) is a modularized approach to electricity and electronics training that uses interesting, comprehensive laboratory training manuals for three instructional modules:

• Module 1 - Fundamentals of AC/DC

• Module 2 - Basic Electronics

• Module 3 - Motors and Generators

The Preparatory Electricity and Electronics Trainer (PEET) provides both entry-level job skill training and career awareness training in a complete program. It is ideally suited to training programs that focus on fundamental skills development. The PEET system offers eight different preparatory electricity and electronics trainers, which support a combination of instructional modules: Fundamentals of AC/DC, Basic Electronics, and Motors and Generators.

The PEET system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of training needs. Each module may be ordered by model number as part of a system. Each module comes with a student manual. An instructor’s guide, a pretest, and a posttest are also available separately. The student laboratory manual, written at a basic level, states clear behavioral objectives and makes extensive use of two-color graphics. Student manuals provide laboratory exercises for in-depth application of theories learned. A short essay test follows each exercise, and an appendix allow students to check their answers to the questions. Each unit is followed by a multiple-choice test. Answers for unit tests are found in the optional instructor’s guide, along with resource information and suggestions for lesson planning and program administration.

PEET hardware includes the unique Konnect-All student experimental board. Designed especially for training purposes, this bread-board allows students to build circuits easily. The Konnect-All board is molded from high-impact plastic and accepts lead sizes from 0.305 to 2.77 mm (0.012 to 0.109 in). Printed circuit assemblies are supplied with some modules to speed the breadboarding.

Features & Benefits

  • Konnect-All experiment board to facilitate circuit
  • Printed circuit assemblies with some modules
  • Flexible combination of modules

Electricity And Electronics Training System (Complete)
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