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Refrigerant Recovery Unit



The Refrigerant Recovery Unit enables students to recover refrigerant for storage or recycling. A low-pressure indicator on the unit monitors the pressure condition on the suction side of the recovery system. A filter dryer and an oil separator are used to condition the refrigerant before it enters the recovery system compressor. At the high-pressure side of the recovery system compressor, a second oil separator ensures good lubrication by returning the oil at the suction side of the compressor, thus avoiding oil migration to the storage tank. A high-pressure indicator is also provided to monitor the pressure conditions on the discharge side of the compressor. A high-pressure controller will automatically shut off the compressor if the discharge pressure exceeds a preset limit. A forced-air condenser is used to transform the high-pressure refrigerant vapor to a high-pressure liquid refrigerant.

Features & Benefits

  • Hermetically sealed compressor
  • Compressor oil drain conveniently located at the bottom of the unit
  • Easy access to filter at the back of the unit, after removal of the access door
  • Forced-air coil condenser
  • Low-and high-pressure gauges
  • High-pressure safety device
  • Compatible with refrigerants R-134a

Refrigeration Recovery Unit
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