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Mobile Workstation with Three-Phase Power Bus



The Mobile Workstation with Three-Phase Power Bus is a variant of the Mobile Workstation, Model 46801-0, that includes a three-phase power bus to power energize the equipment installed in the workstation. Electrical power is accessible through a wiring trough, while a lockable disconnect switch ensures students' safety during setup. Variants of the Mobile Workstation designed for local ac power networks with a voltage higher than 120 V include a three-phase transformer to lower the input voltage.

The Mobile Workstation with Three-Phase Power Bus is a versatile bench with enough space for the simultaneous installation of up to four equipment packages. This allows up to four students to perform exercises at the same time on a single workstation. It is constructed from heavy-duty metal struts and painted using powder-coated paint for durability. The unit is mounted on four swiveling casters with a lock mechanism to ensure easy motion and stable operation, and is sized to pass through standard door openings. The Mobile Workstation includes enough galvanized metal struts to allow the installation of the electrical equipment (enclosures, conduits, outlet boxes, etc.) from four training packages.

Mobile Workstation with Three-Phase Power Bus
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