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Electrical Wiring



The Electrical Wiring is a training equipment package that consists of a project requiring students to install, wire, and test a completely functional overhead door simulator. This allows students to greatly improve their skills as electricians and learn to correctly execute the lockout/tagout procedures required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The simulator provides a realistic simulation of a typical overhead door system by means of a miniature wooden panel that slides up and down in a metal chassis mounted in an upright position on the workstation.

The Electrical Wiring package includes the following main elements: a wooden door panel, a metal chassis, a door motor, all the electrical components required to build the door motor control circuit (industrial-type contactors, relays, terminal blocks, etc.), a motor control enclosure, upper and lower limit switches, a safety limit switch, a push-button control station, and a local junction box. The package also includes all the conduits, electric wire, fittings, and hardware required to build the overhead door simulator.


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