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Three-Phase Motor Starters



The Three-Phase Motor Starters is a training equipment package that provides students with a basic knowledge of ac motor starters and a solid introduction to electrical equipment maintenance. The courseware of the package requires students to install, wire, and test a completely functional magnetic starter for a three-phase induction motor, and then modify this starter to successively add maintenance control and remote control. Students are also instructed to install, wire, program, and test a soft starter for a three-phase induction motor.

The Three-Phase Motor Starters package includes a three-phase induction motor, all the electrical components required to build and modify the magnetic starter (industrial-type contactors, relays, terminal blocks, etc.), a soft starter, a motor control enclosure, two different push-button control stations, and an emergency-stop push-button. The package also includes all the conduits, electrical wires, fittings, and hardware required to build the magnetic starter and install the soft starter.

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Inertia Load 46830
1 Power Quality Clamp Meter 46832-1

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