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Equipment set TP 1221: Basic Motor Control Technology



With the shift toward industrial electrification, control systems for electric motors are vital to the performance and protection of factory equipment. These systems range from the simple starting and stopping of electric motors to directing energy flows in an automated factory.

Many types of technical workers, primarily industrial electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, and mechatronics technicians, need to understand, install, maintain, and troubleshoot control circuits and their main controllers such as manual starters, automatic starters, reversing starters, reduced voltage starters.

The equipment set Basic Motor Control Technology builds knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of industrial electric motor controllers. The curriculum is specially designed to develop soft skills in addition to technical skills. Equipment allows teachers to insert various faults to develop troubleshooting skills – a must for a good preparation for the workplace.

The course first familiarizes students with the operation of individual components, then provides hands-on application opportunities to use them in realistic, industrial motor control circuits. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to install, commission and troubleshoot the most common electric motor controllers using contactors and relays.

Topic Coverage

  • Lockout/tagout procedures
  • Symbols and schematics
  • Understanding and implementing
  • Troubleshooting components and circuits
  • Control and pilot devices
  • Protections (breakers, overloads)
  • Manual starters
  • Two- and three-wire control
  • Reversing starters
  • Jogging control
  • Time-delay relays
  • Primary resistors starters
  • Star-delta starters
  • Motor testing and troubleshooting.

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Control and Pilot Devices 8140123
1 Disconnect Switch 8140373
1 Rotary Cam Switch 8140444
3 Contactor with Fault-Insertion 8140795
1 Motor-Protective Switch with Fault-Insertion 8140796
1 Overload Relay with Fault-Insertion 8140798
1 Time-Delay Relay with Fault-Insertion 8140800
1 Control Relay with Fault-Insertion 8140801
1 Electrical Cabinet Mounting Panel 8141608
1 Starting Resistors 208 V 8142976
1 Fault Keys Kit 8150018
1 Basic Motor Control Accessories 8184116


Qty Description
1 FluidSIM 365 Real-time simulation Electronics 1y 81981-9
1 FluidSIM 365 Real-time simulation Electronics 3y 81982
1 FluidSIM 365 Real-time simulation Electronics 5y 81982

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