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Electromechanical Training System - eSeries



This site-license course is intended to be used in conjunction with either the Computer-Assisted 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System, Model 8006, or the Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software, Model 8970. It contains all the technical content and exercise procedures of two manuals: Power Circuits and Transformers, Model 30328, and AC/DC Motors and Generators, Model 30329. Each course begins with a pretest and ends with a posttest. Each course includes the topics covered in the book-based content and their related hands-on exercises. Exercise presentation of technical content is accompanied by voiceover narration to minimize the amount of on-screen reading.

The following learning platforms are available:

• 8980-E: Electromechanical Training System - eSeries

• 8980-F: Electromechanical Training System - SCORM

• 8980-G: Electromechanical Training System - Stand-Alone

Users running the Tech-Lab version of the Electromechanical Training System may upgrade their software to an eSeries course using the following variant:

• 8980-U: Electromechanical Training System Upgrade - eSeries

Topic Coverage

  • Power Circuits and Transformers
  • AC/DC Motors and Generators


Product Fixes

"Unable to load LVDAM-EMS. Check your configuration." appears when accessing the LVDAM-EMS meters.

Unable to load LVDAM-EMS ... XXXX.MET / Unable to load LVDAM-EMS ... XXXX.DAI File not found.

In Metering, Data Table, & Graph apps of LVDAM-EMS ver 2.0 & 2.1, parameter labels may not display

Electromechanical Systems eSeries
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