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BLDC Motors and Vector Control PMSM Drives Training System



The BLDC Motor and Vector Control PMSM Drives Training System introduces the student to the permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM). This type of machine is used in a wide range of modern applications such as computers, household appliances, and electric vehicles. The training system covers the operation and characteristics of two types of motor that use PMSM technology: the brushless dc (BLDC) motor and the PMSM drive. It also deals with the most common types of modulation used to implement BLDC motors (six-step 120° modulation and six-step PWM) and PMSM drives (vector control).

Features & Benefits

  • Self-learning curriculum complete with the necessary theory and hands-on experiments
  • All control of power electronics devices is computerized via LVDAC-EMS software, allowing for quick setup and easy monitoring
  • Totally safe and sturdy working environment with a complete and automatic grounding of all components
  • Top-of-the-line data acquisition measuring tools designed to enhance the learning approach and reduce setup time
  • Versatile power electronics modules (IGBT) easily reconfigurable in multiple different controllers

Topic Coverage

  • Fundamentals of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  • PMSM Control Using a Three-Phase, Six-Step 120 Degrees Modulation Inverter
  • The BLDC Motor: Operation, Encoder, Torque Ripple, Speed Control, Direction, Operation in the Four-Quadrant, Control Methods, ...
  • The Vector Control PMSM Drive: V/f ratio, Encoder, Speed Control, Torque Control, Vector Control in the Four Quadrants, Regenerative Braking, ...

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Tabletop Workstation 8134-2
1 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine 8245-1
1 Resistive Load 8311
3 Lead-Acid Battery Pack 8802-1
1 IGBT Chopper/Inverter 8837-B
1 Timing Belt 8942
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-L
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-P
1 Four-Quadrant Dynamometer / Power Supply with Manual and Computer-Based Control 8960-C
1 Data Acquisition and Control Interface 9063-B
1 BLDC Motor/PMSM Control Function Set 9069-6
1 AC 24 V Wall Mount Power Supply 30004-2
1 Electric Power Technology Training Equipment (User Guide) 38486-E
1 BLDC Motors and Vector Control PMSM Drives (Workbook) 86373
1 BLDC Motors and Vector Control PMSM Drives (Workbook (Instructor)) 86373-1
1 Computer-Based Instruments for EMS (User Guide) 86718-E


Qty Description Model Number
1 SCADA for LVDAC-EMS 8973
1 Software Development Kit (SDK) 9069-9

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