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Three-Phase Separator Learning System with Instrumentation



The Three‐Phase Separator learning System demonstrates the fundamentals of oil separation when processing crude oil. Crude oil is a mixture of oil, water, and hydrocarbon gas, that must be separated before oil can be sent to a refinery. Accurate measurement of the gas and oil ratio is also essential, as it directly impacts production.

The Three-Phase Separator demonstrates the fundamentals of oil separation, such as the effect of gravity, the effect of layer thickness, viscosity, retention time, density difference, vessel pressure, and oil/water/gas ratio. It features the similar components and instrumentation that is used in the oil and gas industry. It also replicates similar operational behavior to the ones that are used in the industry.

The Three-Phase Separator offers two different configurations such as Basic Pneumatic Control for training operation personal and a second one with Smart Instrumentation for training instrumentation technician as well as engineers. It is also possible to start with a Basic Pneumatic Control Separator (3535-0) and then add the Learning System Instrumentation Add-on to make it a Complete Solution.

The Three-Phase Separator operates as an industrial production separator with basic level pneumatic controllers, or with instrumentation for crude oil characterization. It is part of the LabVolt Series 353X product family, offering high quality, modular industrial instrumentation and process control training solutions, supported by unique pedagogical content.

The Three-Phase Separator is part of our oil and gas training program that naturally fit the requirements to quality technicians and engineers.

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Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Back Pressure Valve 0
1 Safety Pressure Valve 0
2 Pneumatic Control Valve 46950-F
1 Three-Phase Separator – Basic Control (Workbook (Instructor)) 0

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