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Marine Diesel Engines ITZ - eSeries



The Marine Diesel Engines course introduces students to the current top manufacturers and engines, as well as to the unique methods and related issues of large engine mounting, starting, fuel delivery, timing, lubrication, and exhaust. The course also discusses advances such as electronic engine monitoring and control, and dual fuel engines. Finally, the course explains common trouble conditions that operators must be concerned with when operating very large diesel engines.

The Marine Diesel Engines course is fully integrated into the Mind-Sight Learning and Content Management System, Model 47513.

The following ordering options are available for this course:

● 47914-S: Marine Diesel Engines ITZ – eSeries (50 Users, First Year License)

● 47914-N: Marine Diesel Engines ITZ – eSeries (50 Users, Subsequent Year License)

● 47914-P: Marine Diesel Engines ITZ – eSeries (50 Users, Perpetual License)

● 47914-F: Marine Diesel Engines ITZ – SCORM

The Marine Diesel Engines course is available in different versions:

● English with Metric Units

● English with Imperial Units

Topic Coverage

  • Diesel Fundamentals
  • Basic Types of Engines
  • Engine Mounting
  • Engine Starting
  • Fuel Systems
  • Engine Timing
  • Engine Lubrication
  • Engine Exhaust
  • Intelligent Engines
  • Trouble Conditions
  • Dual Fuel Engines

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