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Dual Function Generator



The Dual Function Generator consists of two independent function generators (A and B), each capable of generating a sine-wave signal, a square-wave signal, a triangular-wave signal, a sawtooth-wave signal, and a pulse signal with variable pulse-width. The signal frequency can be varied from 10 Hz to 100 kHz through four ranges. A digital display is pushbutton-selectable between generators A and B to monitor the frequency of each generator. Each generator output signal level is continuously variable and may be attenuated by push button-selected switch attenuators. TTL output signals are provided to synchronize external equipment, such as an oscilloscope. Generator A may be frequency-modulated by a signal from generator B or from an external source.

The module is fully protected against short circuits and misconnections. Students use the instruments to make measurements in laboratory experiments performed on AM, FM, and digital communications systems.


Dual Function Generator
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