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FM/PM Receiver



The FM/PM Receiver offers training in multiplex and wideband FM (covering commercial broadcast techniques), narrowband FM (widely used in commercial and military communications systems), and PM reception. PM reception is used in such applications as satellite communications, data communications, over narrowband communications systems, telephone lines, microwave communications lines and links.

When the FM/PM Receiver is connected with the Direct FM Multiplex Generator, a complete commercial FM system is established. Students can readily see the effects of stereo signal generation, multiplexing techniques, and modulation. When the FM/PM Receiver is connected to the Indirect FM/PM Generator, a narrowband FM communications link is established, allowing the student to explore the generation and reception of narrowband FM and PM signals.

RF inputs to the receiver are between 88 and 108 MHz for stereo and wideband FM, and 10.7 MHz for narrowband FM and PM. A demodulated audio signal is available at the NBFM audio output when a signal is injected at the RF input. When the output of the crystal discriminator is connected to the input of the integrator, a demodulated audio signal is available at the PM audio output.

The WBFM section is equipped with two 50 Ω RF inputs, a balanced 300 Ω RF input for an external antenna connection, and an RF tuning knob which allows tuning across the 88- to 108-MHz band.

A 3-LED tuning indicator and a 10-LED bar graph display (indicating received signal level) facilitate accurate tuning. The presence of the 19 kHz pilot signal illuminates an LED also. A 2½ digit display can show the frequency deviation of the received WBFM or NBFM signals. These meters are often used on modern communications receivers.

Receiver outputs for FM left and right stereophonic channels, monophonic FM, NBFM, and PM are provided, as well as an SCA channel audio output, often used for background music programming.

FM / PM Receiver
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