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Target Positioning System



The Target Positioning System positions a passive radar target accurately. The system consists of a mobile target table, a remote target controller module connected to the table via a multiway cable, and four types of targets (a sphere, a cylinder, a 90-degree reflector, three metal plates and a plexiglass plate). The surface of the target table measures 90 by 90 cm (35.1 x 35.1 in) and is marked with a 1-cm (0.39-in) grid.

The system provides closed-loop DC servo control of the position and speed of the target in X and Y. On the target controller, either manual control of target position and speed or one of four preprogrammed trajectories can be selected. Two three-digit displays give a readout of the X and Y position or speed of the target. The target position can be controlled externally using rear panel inputs.


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