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Data Acquisition Interface



The Data Acquisition Interface is a compact module designed to be installed into one of the slots on the RTM of the Radar Processor/Display. This module receives the I- and Q-channel echo signals of the radar, perturbed or not, and converts them to digital format. It also receives the PRF and synchronization signals as well as azimuth information from the Radar Synchronizer / Antenna Controller. All these signals are then routed to the RTM for digital signal processing.

The Data Acquisition Interface has two BNC-connector analog inputs to receive the I- and Q-channel echo signals. It also has two BNC-connector digital inputs where the PRF and synchronization signals are injected. A DB15 connector is provided as a digital input for the azimuth information. All these inputs are protected from misconnections within the system. Test points are available on the module's front panel to observe the input signals using a conventional oscilloscope.

DC power is automatically supplied to the Data Acquisition Interface when it is installed into the RTM.

Data Acquisition Interface
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