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Radar Host Computer



The Radar Host Computer is a Windows® based computer with the LVRTS software installed, two monitors, and a dual-output display adapter (video card) compatible with Microsoft DirectX® version 9 or later.

The Radar Host Computer is used to run the LVRTS software and is linked to the RTM of the Radar Processor/Display through a high-speed data link (Ethernet link with TCP/IP protocol). It provides the radar's PPI display and allows control of the radar processing and display functions, and much more as described in the General Description of the Radar Processor/Display, Model 8096-2.

The Radar Host Computer is not included in the Radar Processor/Display. It must be purchased separately or replaced with an equivalent personal computer. The Windows® 7 or later operating system is required to run the LVRTS software.

Radar Host Computer
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