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Digital Communications Training Systems



The Digital Communications Training Systems form a complete and operational communications program, as well as a powerful educational tool. They use IC technology to implement signal modulators and demodulators that operate at standards employed in digital communications technology.

The systems are equipped with various features that enhance hands-on learning: easy access to test points, fault-insertion switches, safety shielding and full short-circuit protection, silk-screened block diagrams and component labels, and fully-integrated courseware. The Digital Communications Training Systems allow instructors to achieve a wide range of educational objectives at various levels.

The modularity of the systems allows students to quickly assemble a functioning communications network by using coaxial cables. Fully compatible signal levels and protocols are fed among modules from front panel connection points. Because the system is composed of prewired, functioning modules and connections between modules are made with shielded cables, the routing and trimming of student connections do not affect system performance and measurements. Important test points or test busses are brought out to 9-pin connectors on the front panels of modules for easy access.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses IC technology to implement signal modulators and demodulators
  • Correlated courseware guides students through hands-on exercises in voltage and signal measurements, alignment, calibration, and signal tracing
  • Equipment protected short-circuit and over-voltage
  • One of the most comprehensive of its kind in the marketplace
  • Modular system with switches to insert faults and teach troubleshooting
  • Silk-screened block diagrams and component labels
  • LVSIM-DCOM software program also available
  • Estimated entire program duration: 170 hours

Topic Coverage

  • Pulse Modulation and Sampling
  • Digital Modulation
  • Modems and Data Transmission
  • Troubleshooting

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Dual Trace Oscilloscope 797-2
1 FM/PM Receiver 9415-1
1 Baseband Channel / Brickwall Filter 9435
1 Time Division Multiplexer 9460
1 Time Division Demultiplexer 9461
1 T1/CEPT PCM Transceiver 9462
1 Clock Recovery 9463
1 Line Coder 9464
1 Line Decoder 9465
1 Dust Cover (Modules) 9494
1 Dust Cover (Module Rack) 9494-1
1 Baseband Data Transmission 29510


Digital Communications Training Systems
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