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Motors, Generators and Controls FACET Board



Using the Motors, Generators and Controls module, students will configure, operate, and troubleshoot the following:

- Permanent-Magnet DC Motor in Series

- Shunt and Compound Motor Speed in Open and Closed Loop Analog and PWM Systems

- DC Servo Motor in Analog and PWM Circuits

- Stepper Motor Operation

- Drive Circuits

- Speed Control and Positioning Circuits

- AC Synchronous Motor with Variable Frequency Speed Control

The circuits found on this board include:

- DC Motor

- AC Synchronous Motor

- Phase Shifter Motor

- Stepper Motor

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in tach generator circuit
  • Procedures subdivided into short sections for more hands-on training
  • Interface with the 32-Bit Microprocessor module
  • Students learn the operation and function of:
    • DC motors in analog and pulse servo systems
    • Linear and pulsed signal speed control of dc motors
    • Variable frequency control and speed monitoring of synchronous motors
    • Speed and position control of stepper motors

Topic Coverage

  • DC Motor Circuits Familiarization
  • Stepper Motor and AC Motor Circuits
  • Analog DC Motor Positioning, PWM DC Motor Positioning
  • Analog and Pulsed Speed Control of a DC Motor
  • Variable Frequency Control
  • The Tachometer Generator
  • Troubleshooting
  • Microprocessor Interface (Requires the Optional 32-Bit Microprocessor Module (91017), plus these accessories: 9 V Power Supply (91730) and Flat Ribbon Cable (91627).)


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Motors, Generators, And Controls
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