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Software Development Kit (SDK)



The DACI SDK (Software Development Kit) offers the possibility to control various inputs and outputs of the Data Acquisition and Control Interface using third-party rapid prototyping software like Mathworks® MATLAB, National Instruments® LabVIEW, Microsoft Visual Studio and other programming tools that support Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0. The SDK gives users the possibility to build their own advanced functions using the Data Acquisition and Control Interface.

The SDK includes the following:

- DLL files for communication with the DACI

- Documentation related to the functions

- MATLAB (2010 or later), LabVIEW (2009 or later) and Visual Studio C# (2012 or later) example programs

- Binaries from the C# example. This application can be used to verify that your PC configuration is compatible with the SDK.

The following functions are available using the SDK:

- Acquisition through the voltage and current inputs

- Acquisition through the encoder inputs

- Acquisition through the analog inputs

- Control of the digital outputs

- Control of the analog outputs

Important Notice: One DACI SDK (Software Development Kit) must be ordered for each Data Acquisition and Control Interface to unlock the SDK features.


9063 SDK (Software Development Kit)
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