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At Lab-Volt, we are committed to developing innovative, engaging, and effective curriculum to meet the changing and challenging needs of students and educators. Our curriculum is available in a few formats: manual-based, pdf-based including copyright permissions, and as eSeries courses. All our formats provide a comprehensive, competency-based curriculum that build knowledge, skills, and troubleshooting abilities in a diverse spectrum of subject areas.

Manual-based curriculum

Lab-Volt’s Manual-based curriculum consists of hard-copy manuals and includes student manuals that feature outlines of principles and concepts, general and specific objectives, discussions, lists of new terms, equipment lists, and experimentation and review questions. The main purpose of the manual is to provide students with practical working knowledge and troubleshooting skills relating to specific subject areas. Each exercise opens with a conceptual presentation of the subject followed by an exercise that demonstrates those principles through hands-on activity. New terminology appears in bold print and is highlighted the first time it is introduced to aid and clarify technical descriptions. Questions that evaluate newly gained knowledge appear throughout the procedures to reinforce learning. A five question review assessment concludes each exercise, and a ten-question multiple choice test concludes each unit. Answers to exercise and unit review questions can be found in separate appendices, which may be removed at the instructor’s discretion. An instructor guide containing pre- and post- test answer keys is also available.

Pdf-based curriculum

Our pdf-based curriculum includes on a CD-ROM all manuals pertaining to a specific training system. Purchasing the CD-ROM avails the user of copyright permissions allowing unlimited printing of the manuals.


Lab-Volt’s eSeries library includes courses from our wide-ranging product lines: FACET, Industrial Workforce, EMS, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing Applications, Tech-Design, and Industrial Training Zone. Our eSeries curriculum runs on Mind-Sight, Lab-Volt’s Learning and Content Management System (LMS). Mind-Sight is a SCORM 1.2 compliant system, so users can easily import other Sharable Content Objects (SCO) for inclusion in the eSeries curriculum. Mind-Sight also converts image files, video files, slideshows, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and Flash files into SCOs. The system also features an electronic management system that streamlines the tasks of tracking and reporting student achievement.

Mind-Sight offers complete courseware delivery and classroom management. The administrator can: add and delete students, create and delete passwords, run activity and assessment reports, customize curriculum content, run other SCORM 1.2 content, run external applications, annotate curriculum, and communicate with individual students or the whole classroom. Mind-Sight is offered in two distinct platforms: Web-hosted and Server-based. The Web-hosted version provides the benefit of less maintenance for your IT department, as all back-up services and updates to the curriculum are handled by Lab-Volt. This service is offered as a yearly subscription. Access to the eSeries curricula purchased to run in Mind-Sight will be available as long as the yearly subscription is maintained. The Server-based platform provides an appliance that will be linked into your institution’s LAN. The appliance will be licensed with all the eSeries curricula purchased and no further fees are required. An extended warranty can be purchased yearly and provides curriculum updates and replacement appliances if needed.

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Lab-Volt eSeries content is also designed and packaged to conform to the SCORM 1.2 standard.

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