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CNC Lathe System Training System (Light Duty)



The CNC Lathe System Training System provides training in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using a microprocessor-driven, light-duty CNC lathe. The system allows students to practice computer numerical controlled (CNC) code programming and editing, learn to operate lathe components, controls, and tools, set a programmed reference zero, follow the steps necessary to turn a specified part, and apply the machine code language to current lathe technology.

The CNC lathe consists of a horizontal lathe, a head-stock, and a tailstock. It can machine pieces of soft materials such as plastics and waxes, as well as harder materials such as aluminum and brass. Pieces can be turned into a variety of cylindrical bumps, grooves, and hollows. Stock is mounted onto the lathe using a three-jaw chuck that centers the stock and holds it in place.

A computer is used to create part programs with G and M machine codes or their conversation code equivalents. The created programs are uploaded to the lathe's on-board microprocessor, which stores and executes them. Since the CNC lathe connects directly to the serial or Ethernet port of a computer, or directly to a network, no additional interface card is required. The computer is free to be used for any additional applications, since it is not dedicated to the control of the lathe.

Features & Benefits

  • Key-released emergency stop push button
  • Ability to restart programs from stopping point after safety interruption
  • On-board embedded microprocessor
  • Stand-alone manual mode operation
  • Batch mode for independent operation or operation in CIM cells
  • Software allowing the programming of up to 20 tools
  • Includes a three-jaw self-centering chuck
  • Lathe constructed with a machined high-grade alloy bed, headstock, and tailstock
  • Each axis driven by its own dc stepper motor
  • Programmable speeds of 0-36 cm/min (0-14 in/min)
  • 60 W (0.08 hp) dc variable-speed spindle motor
  • Programmable spindle motor with chuck speed of 0-2800 r/min
  • Assortments of machining tools and stock materials of different sizes offered as options to enhance and expand training system capabilities
  • Connects directly to the serial or Ethernet port of a computer/network, with no additional interface card required

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 CNC Lathe (Light Duty) 5300-B
1 Black and White Acetal Turning Stock Set 5304
1 CNC Lathe Software - 1 User 5560
1 CNC Lathe Software (User Guide) 36188-E
1 CNC Lathe (Light Duty) Model 5300 (User Guide) 39546-E

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Personal Computer 8990

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Black and White Acetal Turning Stock Set 5304
1 Black Acetal Turning Stock Set 5305
1 White Acetal Turning Stock Set 5306
1 Aluminum Turning Stock Set 5307
1 Brass Turning Stock Set 5308
1 Four-Jaw Chuck - 9.52 mm (0.375 in) 5316
1 Turning Tool Set 5322
1 Basic Turning Set 5323
1 Aluminum Turning Stock Set 5357
1 Carbide Tool Set 32913
1 Parting-Off Tool and Holder 96862


CNC Lathe System
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