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Industrial Training Zone (ITZ) eSeries Courses



The Industrial Training Zone (ITZ) eSeries Courses deliver a broad range of fundamental and specialty industrial training courses designed to help build a competent, qualified, and efficient workforce.

The ITZ eSeries Courses provide a powerful training tool that can be used directly where training is required, e.g., in the classroom, at the plant, in the office. It offers all the important content in the appropriate context, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to evaluate performance. With seamless integration into MindSight, the ITZ eSeries Courses provide a multitude of ways to fulfil industrial training needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Broad range of fundamental and specialty industrial training courses
  • Used by top-tier manufacturing, industrial, and technical associations
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Seamless integration within the Mind-Sight learning and content management system (LCMS)
  • Courses are available on third-party LCMS or in stand-alone

Topic Coverage

  • Electricity
  • Mechanics
  • Fluid Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Welding
  • Safety
  • Engines

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Industrial Hydraulics ITZ - eSeries 47901-S
Industrial Pneumatics ITZ - eSeries 47902-S
Industrial Electrical ITZ - eSeries 47903-S
Industrial Mechanical ITZ - eSeries 47904-S
Electrical Theory ITZ - eSeries 47905-S
Mobile Hydraulics ITZ - eSeries 47906-S
Mobile Electrical ITZ - eSeries 47907-S
AC/DC Motors and Drives ITZ - eSeries 47908-S
Pneumatic Specialist ITZ - eSeries 47909-S
PLC Fundamentals ITZ - eSeries 47910-S
Industrial Safety ITZ - eSeries 47912-S
Diesel Engines ITZ - eSeries 47913-S
Marine Diesel Engines ITZ - eSeries 47914-S
Gas Turbine Engines ITZ - eSeries 47915-S
Advanced Hydraulics ITZ - eSeries 47917-S
Brushless DC Motors ITZ - eSeries 47918-S


Industrial Training Zone - eSeries
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