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Robot Systems



The Robot System is a complete and affordable training program for the programming and operation of industrial robots. Through the curriculum and hands-on experience with the Robot System, students learn to create automated work cells.

The precision-built, articulated arm of the Robot represents an important step in automation and handling. A stepper motor, located in the base of the unit, provides horizontal rotation while five additional stepper motors, located in the shoulder, provide precision movements of the articulations and end effector.

The Robot has five axes of rotation plus a gripper and is able to use all joints simultaneously to perform a programmed move sequence. Each articulation can be controlled and moved independently. Movements of the joints are accomplished by belts through a series of gears, while the gripper mechanism is activated by cables and belt-driven pulleys.

Features & Benefits

  • Training program that allows easy learning of robotics basics
  • Curriculum supported by a precision-built robot (six-step motor drives, two-finger gripper, power transferred from the stepper motor to the joints through mini HTP timing belts, etc.)
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction that requires minimal maintenance
  • Includes a large base that allows the robot to stay in place on a regular work table
  • Provided with student and instructor manuals, user guides, and all required leads and cables
  • Color-coded input and output connection ports for ease of setup
  • Optional components allow the creation of personalized work cells
  • Control/simulation software that uses 3D representations to simulate and control the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the equipment
  • Available Robotics System Software Development Kit intended for developers who are interested in developing their own applications for the Robot System
  • Can be provided in an optional solid protective carrying case

Topic Coverage

  • Introduction and Familiarization
  • Programming
  • Program Editing and Control Instructions
  • Industrial Activity Simulation

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Robot System 5150-1

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Rotary Carousel 5113-1
1 Belt Conveyor 5118
1 Gravity Feeder for Square Parts 5119
1 Gravity Feeder for Cylindrical Parts 5121
1 Pneumatic Feeder Kit for Square Parts 5122-A
1 Pneumatic Feeder Kit for Cylindrical Parts 5142-A
1 Personal Computer 8990

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionSystem Number
1 Microswitch 5102-1
1 Magnetic Gripper 5111
1 Storage Case 5167
1 RoboCIM 5150 Software (International Market) - 1 User 5173-P
1 Robotics System Software Development Kit 5174
1 Belt Conveyor 5210
1 Signal Tower Kit with Control Relay 5924-B
1 Storage/Work Surface 6309
1 Air Compressor 6410-C
1 Spacer 39035
1 Work Bench for 1 Work Surface 46601-1
1 Work Bench for 2 Work Surfaces 46601-2
1 Work Bench for 3 Work Surfaces 46601-3
1 Square Part - Plexiglass 96474
1 Square Part - Wax 96942


Product Fixes

No drivers found when trying to connect to the Robot using RoboCIM 5150 SW or 5100/5150 File Server.

RoboCIM 5150 Software
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Location pin on a Gravity Feeder
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Robot Calibration Tools
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Robot Systems
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