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FluidSIM® 6 - Electrical Engineering



Design. Simulate. Learn. With the new version of FluidSIM.

For more than 20 years, FluidSIM® has been the world's leading circuit diagram design and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering. Version 6 now sets a new standard of individuality and convenience for teachers and students. Designing circuits, bringing them to life through simulation and learning for life in the process. We make it easy for you:

• FluidSIM 6 provides you with a very simple way of structuring your lessons. The new version allows you to create profiles in such a way that only relevant functions, options and components are visible. We call it the expert mode.

• The software is easier for students and teachers to use because teachers have the option of sharing only selected libraries with them. This allows the students to find their way more quickly and concentrate on the exercises for their own training year.

• The new version is even closer to real industry: Thanks to the EasyPort, FluidSIM 6 can be very easily used in a variety of situations, both as a controller for the real system as well as a replacement for the real system. The industry standard OPC-UA is also supported.

• Prepare courses, do homework and perform simulations - you can learn wherever and whenever you want. With FluidSIM 6, we have made it even more convenient for you to use the software at home.

• The new ribbon as the menu bar is part of the optimized user interface.

Creativity and goal-oriented work go hand in hand.

Being able to freely design control systems is motivating, and promotes creativity on the one hand and goal-oriented work on the other. Beyond that, FluidSIM® provides teachers with a wealth of texts, pictures and videos for multimedia-based lesson planning. Dive into the fascinating world of real-time simulations with your students, apprentices, specialists or trainees and celebrate successful learning at all levels.

One tool for all users, from beginners to experts.

As a teacher and trainer, you are the expert who masters the many tasks that are needed to prepare lessons. FluidSIM® 6 has an expert mode to help you do that. Initially, your trainees should only be concentrating on the essentials. That is why FluidSIM 6 offers the possibility of creating profiles so that your trainees can focus only on what is most important. Simply assign these profiles to your trainees so that they only see the relevant functions, options and components that you as the expert specify according to, for example, training year.

A broad range for maximum convenience

Pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical engineering: the libraries are available separately or together in the same program. Either the users themselves or the profile that has been assigned decide which of the libraries can be used in the program. All the technologies optimally interact with each other in a circuit diagram or project.

Learning through fun and real-world applications – now with OPC-UA.

Theory is all well and good, but real practice provides motivation and success in learning! In many situations, FluidSIM® 6 can be easily used both as a controller for the real system as well as a replacement for the real system. The EasyPort makes it possible – convenient, digital and analog.

FluidSIM® 6 also supports the industry standard OPC-UA. You can exchange data via the OPC architecture, and use FluidSIM as an OPC client or server.

Flexible to install and use

Online registration, network license, use at home: FluidSIM® 6 covers all your applications. You always decide for yourself how you want to use FluidSIM® 6, with maximum flexibility!

Do you want to use part of your licenses offline in the school network and the other part online? That is no problem with FluidSIM 6. With the license manager and activation wizard you can make changes any time you want.

Would you like to assign licenses to your trainees for home learning and to set up rules for this? With the license manager, you can easily create groups, define passwords, set expiration dates and use a wide range of other setting options.

Testing in real time

Whether in a training environment or in an engineering office, simulating control systems and processes has been standard practice in industry for a long time. It helps to prevent errors and ensures efficiency and improved quality. The parameters of all components are identical to those of the training packages from Festo Didactic and can be fully adapted to the characteristics of other components.

GRAFCET in various modes

• GrafEdit: Standard-compliant creation of GRAFCETs

• GrafView: The visualization of the control process mapped as GRAFCET

• GrafControl: Control of the process with the GRAFCET, including error simulation and process monitoring

• GrafPLC: manufacturer-independent control of all fluid and electrotechnical systems

Visualized speed

The new simulation core of FluidSIM® 6 achieves simulation rates of up to 10 kHz. The parameters of all final control elements and actuators can be precisely adjusted. FluidSIM® 6 writes the simulation results within milliseconds and delivers them as a text file! The new simulated oscilloscopes make frequencies up to 100 kHz visible.

Simulation in high definition

• Signal processing up to 10 kHz

• Virtual oscilloscope for frequencies up to 100 kHz

• Simultaneous simulation of all circuits in a project

• Simulated values can be shown during run-time

• Several switches can be operated with the joystick

Learning material included

• Slides, pictures, animations, sectional drawings, video sequences

• Description of the physical-mathematical simulation models

• Training program for FluidSIM® beginners

• Details of all components at the push of a button

• Ready-made sample presentations for your training course

• Language changeover during run-time

• Multilingual (standard German/English/Spanish/French)

Convenient documentation

• Project administration, drawing sheets

• Individual drawing frames in all sizes

• Automatic bills of materials, current path numbering, switching element tables, terminal diagrams, cables, wiring and tubing lists

• Freely definable evaluations

• Exports in common formats

FluidSIM® for homework

• Newly added feature for managing external users via the Internet

• Managing learning groups

• Integrated chat functions

• Simple administration by the tutor

• Work from home with the full version thanks to our new license solutions

Professional CAD according to standard

• Convenient drawing with alignment lines, new snapping functions

• Easy insertion of new symbols into existing connections

• Variable drawing frames

• Infinitely variable scaling and rotating

• Dimensioning functions

• Intersection calculation of ¬lines, rectangles and ellipses

• 100% according to standard

All symbols according to DIN ISO 1219 or DIN EN 81346-2

Port identification according to new equipment identifier (BMK)

GRAFCET according to current standard

Libraries for new technologies

• Libraries for the pneumatics and hydraulics training packages, for all levels, including control and proportional technology

• Actuators in pneumatics

• Vacuum technology

• Sensors in pneumatics

• Safety in pneumatic systems

• Mobile hydraulics

• Electrical engineering, electronics

• Circuits with contact

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