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Vibration Analysis (SI units) (add-on to Level 1)



Vibration occurs in all rotating machines as a response to internal and external forces. The intensity of vibration depends on a large variety of factors and even new machines vibrate to some extent. However, as the equipment is used and subjected to wear, the intensity of vibration tends to increase. Excessive vibration in a system can cause various types of damage and faults and ultimately cause the system to fail. It is therefore important to detect and correct the causes of excessive vibration before failure occurs.

The goal of the Vibration analysis package is to locate and understand the causes of vibration and be able to get information as to the current state of the vibrating components, and indicate whether these components should be serviced, corrected, or replaced soon.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and ergonomic workstation
  • Small footprint
  • Hundreds of possible setups with movable T-slotted extrusions
  • Turnkey solution with necessary fasterners and tools
  • Optional work bench available to store components from all levels

Topic Coverage

  • Perform vibration measurements on a mechanical drive system using a vibration meter
  • Observe vibration measurements using a time waveform representation
  • Observe vibration measurements using a spectrum representation
  • Perform a bump test to determine a system’s natural frequencies
  • Analyze the effects of an unbalance condition, a coupling misalignment and a bearing defect

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Vibration Analysis (SI units) (add-on to Level 1) 46895

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises

Qty Description
1 Vibration Analysis (Job Sheets - Student) 49356-2


Qty Description
1 Campus License - Vibration Metering and Analysis (English) 49358

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