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Conventional Fire Alarm Learning System



Teach the fundamentals of conventional fire alarm systems in a compact workspace

This system is designed to learn the necessary skills to install and wire initiating devices and notification appliances as well as program a fire alarm control panel.

Conventional fire alarm systems are commonly used in buildings such as offices, stores, and restaurants. They meet the functional needs of small premises where a sophisticated system would not be necessary. They are relatively inexpensive and require less labor to install and setup than addressable systems.

The Conventional Fire Alarm Learning System allows students to build a working circuit with the same components and tools they would use in their daily job. The system is like a real installation, but in a much smaller form factor, allowing multiple systems to be installed in rooms with limited space.

Features & Benefits

  • Commercial-grade equipment for a realistic learning experience
  • Very compact system, ideal for rooms with limited space
  • System can be fixed to a wall or to an optional double-sided mobile workstation
  • Control panel connections made through an auxiliary panel to protect the integrity of the FACP

Topic Coverage

  • Learn to install conduits, electrical boxes and the fire alarm control panel on a vertical work surface
  • Draw the schematic diagram of various circuits and determine the required number of wires and their location
  • Wire notification appliances and initiating devices to the fire alarm control panel
  • Program the fire alarm control panel

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Control Panel for the Fire Alarm Training System 39559
1 Fire Alarm Parts (Conventional) for the Fire Alarm Training System 39560

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises

Qty Description
1 Fixture Kit 39574
1 Mobile Workstation, Fire Alarm 46801-B


Qty Description
1 Campus Licence for Fire Alarm Training Systems 80963-7

Spare Part

Qty Description
1 Fire Alarm Parts (Conventional) for the Fire Alarm Training System 39560


Fire Alarm Training System
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