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Campus License - Level 1 (English)



The Campus License contains PDF versions of the student and instructor manuals for the topics from Mechanical Drives Learning System – Workstation Package and Level 1, as well as one printed copy of each of the instructor and student manuals.

Includes all instructor and student worksheets for the Workstation Package and Level 1.


Workstation package:

- Introduction to mechanical drives

- Familiarization with the ­workstation

- Safety

- Pillow blocks bearings and shafts

- Motor, variable frequency drive and tachometer

- Shaft alignment and couplings

- Torque, power and efficiency

Belt Drives 1:

- Introduction to belt drives

- Installation of belt drives

- Adjustment of belt tension

- Speed and torque ratios

Chain Drives 1:

- Introduction to chain drives

- Installation of chain drives

- Adjustment of chain slack

- Speed and torque ratios

Gear Drives 1:

- Introduction to gear drives

- Spur gear installation

- Gear alignment

- Backlash adjustment

- Speed, torque, and gear ratios

- Gear trains


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