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Industrial Wiring Learning Systems



The Industrial Wiring Training Systems are hands-on systems designed to train students for careers as electricians and electrical maintenance technicians. The systems, which use high-quality UL-listed components, faithfully reproduce an industrial environment where students can develop their skills in the installation and wiring of industrial electrical equipment, in compliance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC®). The systems can also be used to train students in the adjustment and maintenance of industrial electrical equipment, and teach them the safety rules to be followed when working at industrial sites.

The Industrial Wiring Training Systems are divided into two levels, each level being further divided into specific topics that deal with various aspects of industrial electrical equipment installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to four equipment setups at the same time, allowing multiple student groups to work at a single workstation
  • Two or more equipment setups can be grouped together to form complex industrial applications
  • Mobile workstation features swivelling casters with a lock mechanism for easy motion and stable operation
  • Mobile workstation sized to fit through standard door openings
  • Provides hands-on industrial wiring training in compliance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC®)
  • Sturdy, yet flexible design integrating components that meet industrial safety standards
  • Wide-range of industrial-grade, UL-listed components
  • Each of the training equipment packages contains all the electrical components and courseware required to cover a topic
  • Modular approach that allows the system to be configured to fit different training needs
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Total estimated program duration (Levels 1 & 2): 180 hours

List of equipment

Description System Number
Basic Industrial Wiring Training System (Subset of level 1) 46102-1
Industrial Wiring Training System – Level 1 46102-2
Industrial Wiring Training System - Level 2 (add-on to Level 1) 46102-3

Industrial Wiring Learning Systems
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The above picture shows the 120 V – 60 Hz variant of the Mobile Workstation. 220 V variants include a three-phase transformer to lower the input voltage.
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