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Mobile Workstation



The Mobile Workstation is a ready-for-use workstation that consists of two fully assembled modules: a Workstation mounted on a Mobile Storage Cabinet. Four rubber-tire swivel casters allow easy movement of the workstation in the laboratory classroom. The lower portion of the workstation serves as a storage cabinet with two hinged panels and a lock handle. Immediately above the storage cabinet is a pullout work surface with a scuff- and burn-resistant laminate finish. The upper portion of the workstation consists of three rows of compartments designed to house EMS modules. Two of these rows have full-height compartments while the other row has half-height compartments. Each row of full-height compartments can accommodate up to three full-size EMS modules or six half-size EMS modules, whereas the row of half-height compartments can accommodate up to three half-size EMS modules.

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Mobile Storage Cabinet 89117-1

Optional Equipment

Qty Description
1 Industrial Controls Single-Rail Workstation 3105-A
1 Industrial Controls Double-Rail Workstation 3105-B
1 Mounting Frame (DIN A4) for EMS Workstations 8136-P
1 All-in-One Touch Screen Computer (including Monitor Stand with Articulating Arm) 8990-A
1 External Shelf for the Mobile Workstation 36653
1 Mounting Stand with Articulating Arm 36653-A

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Mobile Workstation
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