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Wind Turbine Generator/Controller



The Wind Turbine Generator/Controller mainly consists of the generator and controller of an actual small-scale wind turbine, mounted in a full-size EMS module. The module also includes auxiliary components (a three-phase diode rectifier and a set of three power resistors) that can be used to apply a variable electric load to the generator. Color-coded, 4 mm safety banana jacks mounted on the front panel of the module provide access to the generator windings, controller input and output, diode rectifier, and power resistors.

The generator in the Wind Turbine Generator/Controller is a three-phase permanent-magnet synchronous generator. The controller is a power electronics device that converts the three-phase power produced by the generator into dc power and ensures that the generator produces the maximum amount of power possible at any wind speed within the operating range.

The controller also performs voltage regulation to maintain a constant dc voltage output and prevents overcharging of the battery pack used to store the electrical energy produced by the wind turbine generator. A control knob on the module front panel allows the maximum charge voltage to be adjusted. A LED on the module front panel indicates the status (normal battery charging, voltage regulation, etc.) of the controller. Battery charging can be stopped anytime through a switch on the front panel.

Wind Turbine Generator/Controller
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