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Capacitor-Start Motor



The Capacitor-Start Motor is a 0.2 kW capacitor-start machine mounted in a full-size EMS module. The centrifugal switch and contact points of the machine are mounted externally to allow students to examine their construction and observe their operation. The switch, the starting auxiliary winding, and the main running winding are all independently terminated and identified on the faceplate to facilitate experimentation of various machine connections, including open- and short-circuit fault conditions. The starting winding is circuit breaker protected against overloads. Because of the open bell housing construction, students can compare the relative size, position, and turns of the starting winding and the main running winding. An externally mounted starting capacitor is also independently terminated and identified on the faceplate to permit experimentation as a split-phase or a capacitor-start single-phase induction motor.

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Split Phase/Capacitor-Start Motor
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