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Distribution Transformer Trainer



The Distribution Transformer Trainer is a portable, hands-on trainer designed to allow students to develop the skills required to connect single- and three-phase transformers similar to those found in North American ac power networks.

The trainer contains two sets of three single-phase transformers to demonstrate three-phase transformer bank configurations such as wye-wye, delta-delta, closed delta-wye, closed wye-delta, open-wye, open-delta, etc. Each individual transformer winding is protected by a thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and designed to accept multiple faults.

The trainer is faultable in order to develop sound techniques for troubleshooting single-phase and three-phase transformer banks. Eight trainer faults are available.

The trainer is complete with a student laboratory manual written in a skill-building, performance-based format, allowing easy set-up of all laboratory exercises.

Features & Benefits

  • The trainer allows students to perform the following tasks:
    • Identify different types of transformers
    • Identify faulted transformers
    • Test for proper no-load voltage
    • Show how a three-phase transformer produces correct and incorrect motor rotation
    • Show how the ratio of the transformer windings affects the secondary output voltage
    • Show how to simulate parallel single-phase and three-phase transformers
    • Simulate a burned-out transformer in a three-phase bank, as well as the connection of the remaining transformers in open-wye and open-delta configurations to produce the correct voltage

Topic Coverage

  • Distribution Transformer Trainer
  • Transformer Polarity and Terminal Markings
  • Single-Phase Transformers Supplying Single-Phase Loads
  • Single-Phase Paralleling
  • Three-Phase Banking of Single-Phase Transformers

List of equipment

Qty Description

Additional equipment required to perform the exercises

Qty Description
1 Digital Multimeter 8946-2
1 Connection Lead Set 8951-5


Qty Description
1 Distribution Transformer Trainer (Manuals on CD-ROM) 30152-A

Optional Equipment

Qty Description
1 Three-Phase Power Receptable - NEMA L22-20 24183
1 Three-Phase Power Receptable - NEMA L21-20R 24582
1 Three-Phase Power Receptacle - 5-Pin Round 35153

Distribution Transformer Trainer
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