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Power Line Series Compensation Demonstrator



The Power Line Series Compensation Demonstrator is specifically designed for hands-on training in the principles of series compensation for electric power transmission lines. All equipment is provided in a single, integrated mobile console.

The unit is powered from a standard single-phase ac wall outlet. It simulates two high-voltage (735 kV) three-phase transmission lines: one uncompensated, the other compensated to 17%, 25%, or 34%. Line voltage, current, active power, and reactive power are measured at the inputs and outputs of the lines. The module is also available at 220 V 50 Hz but demonstrates the functionality of North American power line at 60 Hz.

The Power Line Series Compensation Demonstrator includes all the test equipment necessary to perform the lab exercises. Input and output metering, dual transmission lines and various loads are all available from the front panel of this self-contained unit. Mounted on casters, the trainer can be easily moved.

Topic Coverage

  • Power Transfer Capability of a Transmission Line
  • Effects of Series Compensation on Power Transfer Capability and System Stability
  • Effect of Series Compensation on Regulation of the Receiver Voltage
  • Reduction of Transmission Losses on Parallel Lines Using Series Compensation


Power Line Series Compensation Demonstrator
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