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AC Power Network Interface



The AC Power Network Interface is used to interface the ac power network with EMS modules. It consists of an AC Power Inlet section comprising a C14 power cord inlet with 4 mm color-coded safety sockets for each terminal (line, neutral, and ground). The line is fuse-protected between the inlet and the safety jacks. The module also consists of an AC Power Outlet section comprising a standard ac outlet (country dependent) with direct connections to safety sockets. A solid-state relay used for network disconnection and a filtering inductor are also included in the model to complete the interface with the ac network.

All components of the AC Power Network Interface are industrial components and are mounted in the module to allow visual inspection. Where necessary, these components are protected against overload or short-circuit conditions by thermal-magnetic circuit breakers. The components are terminated on the module faceplate by 4 mm color-coded safety sockets and are identified by schematic symbols, numbered terminal codes, and electrical ratings.

AC Power Network Interface
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