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Hydrogen Fuel Cell



The Hydrogen Fuel Cell module is a fuel cell stack comprising a fuel cell controller, a hydrogen flow meter, a dc-to-dc converter (required to obtain a regulated dc output from the fuel cell stack), an air supply, and seven LED displays for visualizing all essential system parameters (e.g., current, voltage, temperature, fuel, air supply).

A USB port on the front panel enables use of the included data acquisition software to perform further analysis on the fuel cell stack. This software provides support for the experiments (visualization, data logging, fully automated experiments) in the manual.

List of equipment

Qty Description
2 4 mm Safety laboratory cable, 30 cm, yellow 30011
4 4 mm Safety laboratory cable, 60 cm, red 30012
1 IEC Power Cable, straight - NEMA (Type B) 95451

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
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