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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System



The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System provides a realistic representation of the basic functions of a 50 W hydrogen fuel cell system. It is ideal for teaching the basic engineering principles of fuel cell systems. Realistic, extensive experimenting capabilities and optimized instructional materials make this a comprehensive instruction package. Through practical experiments, students acquire a sound competence in working with fuel cell systems.

The modular design of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System enables flexibility in setup complexity – from simple experiments for teaching basic principles to complex experiments for experienced students. The components and curriculum of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System are offered through a partnership with Heliocentris, the world’s leading authority on fuel cells used in education. The system is suitable for hands-on learning in diverse fields of study and occupations, such as:

• Electrical engineering

• Energy engineering

• Process engineering

• Mechanical engineering

• Automotive engineering

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System includes numerous prepared experiments, enabling students to examine the design and functions of a real fuel cell system. It is developed especially for educational purposes, the system being designed for maximum safety and ease of use, even by inexperienced users. With this training system, students explore the engineering principles of a hydrogen fuel cell system, as well as advanced general principles related to the system, including:

• Structure and functioning principles

• Thermodynamics

• Characteristic curves and efficiency ratings

• Power electronics

Features & Benefits

  • Different test points with digital meters throughout the process for better understanding
  • The training system teaches the principles of hydrogen fuel cell operation during both charge and discharge directly in the laboratory.
  • The hydrogen fuel cell modules are safe to use and present no risk to system users. The modules are easy to setup by following the procedure detailed in the manuals.
  • Sequential loads and fully adjustable loads allow study of hydrogen fuel cell system operation.
  • A variety of test points with digital meters are included in the hydrogen fuel cell modules to observe the different processes taking place.
  • The course curriculum of the Electric Power Technology Training Program is highly flexible and allows a multitude of different customized training solutions.
  • The courseware includes student manuals and instructor guides with all the theory required to perform the hands-on experiments.
  • All workstations, modules, and components are very sturdy to ensure a prolonged service life in a demanding environment such as a training laboratory.
  • The modular design approach of the training equipment allows a large variety of courses to be performed using a small number of modules, without unnecessary duplication of equipment.
  • All electrical components can be interconnected without electric shock hazard since all live parts of the connection leads are concealed and insulated.
  • All electrical symbols representing the components used in a laboratory exercise are clearly silk-screened on the front panel of the modules.

Topic Coverage

  • The Basic Functions of the Fuel Cell System
  • The Characteristic Curve of a Fuel Cell
  • Parameters Influencing the Characteristic Curve
  • Determination of the Hydrogen Current Curve
  • Efficiency of the Fuel Cell Stack
  • Set-up of a Fuel Cell Power Supply
  • Efficiency of a Fuel Cell Power Supply
  • Fuel Cell Application I: Remote Traffic Light
  • Fuel Cell Application II: Fuel Cell Car

List of equipment

Qty Description
1 Three-Module Workstation 8131
1 Traffic Lights 8380
1 Electronic Load 8381
1 Hydrogen Fuel Cell 8803
1 Hydrogen Cylinder Connection Kit 52863
1 Hydrogen Storage Canister 87948


Qty Description
1 Manuals on CD-ROM – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System (Manuals on CD-ROM) 86355-A

Optional Equipment

Qty Description
1 Hydrogen Generator 8894
1 Personal Computer 8990
1 All-in-one computer 20628
1 Touch-Screen Computer 46299
1 Touch-Screen Computer – Large 46299-A


Qty Description
1 Storage Shelves 8150-1


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System
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