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Mind-SightTM Learning Content Management System



MindSight – a SCORM-compliant learning content management system (LCMS) – integrates the necessary tools to focus on what’s important: efficiently building and delivering engaging lessons, while monitoring student progress to ensure success. MindSight is a seamless integration of course delivery and classroom management that allows instructors to manage enrollment, schedule learning activities, communicate with users, customize courseware, and track and report individual achievement as students work through the modules. All components of MindSight’s desktop client interact directly with the FACET Base Unit to enable and disable circuit modifications and circuit faults, enhancing the learning experience. No other LCMS or LMS can do this. To quickly add content to Mind- Sight, instructors can choose from a collection of E-Learning courses, called eSeries. eSeries courses are optimized when bundled and integrated directly into MindSight, because they benefit from its unique features. Each eSeries course is to be purchased separately.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible User Management
    • MindSight provides the ability to import user accounts with a few simple clicks, or have students self-register via a specified course code.
  • Powerful Communication Tools
    • The MindSight Community feature provides a powerful means of keeping all users up-to-date on important information. News items are published by the administrator and are always visible on the Login screen. Users can also keep journals that, once approved by the Administrator, can be shared as blog entries to create a shared learning community.
  • Scheduler
    • Control the learning environment by using the Scheduler to limit user access to only the courses that are appropriate for the scheduled period.
  • Reporting
    • MindSight has a wide variety of reports that can be generated either in well-designed, printable PDFs or exported to a spreadsheet for customized formatting and inclusion in an external management system.
  • Extensive Curriculum Library
    • Lab-Volt’s eSeries library includes courses from our wide-ranging product lines: FACET, Industrial Workforce, EMS, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing Applications, Tech-Design, and Industrial Training Zone.
  • SCORM 1.2 Compliant
    • MindSight is a SCORM 1.2 compliant system, so users can easily import other Sharable Content Objects (SCO) for inclusion in the eSeries curriculum.
  • Powerful Curriculum Customization
    • MindSight will convert image files, video files, slideshows, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and Flash files into SCOs. This personalization of content allows industry and educational programspecific information to be seamlessly included in the curriculum.
  • Annotations
    • Screens in the eSeries curriculum can be edited to ensure that student understanding is maximized. Using the Annotator, an Instructor can mask existing text, add text to provide additional directions or clarifications, and highlight important details through directional text boxes.
  • Test Editor
    • Using the Test Editor, instructors can edit eSeries tests to meet any educational objective. The Test Editor also allows instructors to create custom exercises, quizzes, and tests to assess customized content that has been uploaded into the eSeries curriculum.
  • General Features
    • Reliable LCMS featuring carefully selected tools that optimize the learning environment
    • Customizable and scalable to suit evolving needs
    • Available as a web-based (hosted) system or LAN network appliance
    • Many complementary training lab systems and programs for hands-on learning
    • Can be branded to the institution’s corporate image
  • Flexible User Management

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Network Appliance 47513
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 200 Users 47513-1
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 400 users 47513-A
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 600 users 47513-B
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 800 users 47513-C
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 1000 users 47513-D
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 1200 users 47513-E
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 1400 users 47513-F
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 1600 users 47513-G
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 1800 users 47513-H
MindSight Learning Content Management System - Hosted 2000 users 47513-J
MindSight LCMS – TechLab FACET upgrade to Hosted version 47513-T
MindSight LCMS – TechLab FACET upgrade to Network appliance 47513-U
MindSight Learning Content Management System 47513-V
MindSight LCMS – One Year Warranty for Network Appliance 47513-W


MindSight eLearning Platform
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Applied Robotics eSeries Course
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Pneumatic eSeries Course
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Mechanical System eSeries Course
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Quality Control eSeries Course
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