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Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve



The Three-Way Control Valve is an industrial bronze control globe valve designed mainly for temperature control applications. This reliable valve features a durable construction, tight shutoff, and good control characteristics. The valve is designed to be used in mixing mode (two inlets, one outlet) and is of equalpercentage type. This valve is normally open on the lower port.

Like the Control Valve, Model 46950-X, this model has either a pneumatic or an electric actuator and may feature options such as a digital valve controller (either a DVC 2000 or a DVC 6000) supporting either HART or Fieldbus, or a pneumatic positioner. Refer to the description of the equivalent 46950-X model for more information.

Available Three-Way Control Valves:

• 46955-0 Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve with Digital Positioner (HART) - DVC 2000

• 46955-A Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve with Positioner (Fisher 3660)

• 46955-B Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve

• 46955-C Three-Way Electric Control Valve

• 46955-D Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve with Digital Positioner (FOUNDATION Fieldbus) - DVC 6000

• 46955-E Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve with Digital Positioner (HART) - DVC 6000

Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve
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