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Temperature Process Training System (Allen-Bradley) – HART



The Temperature Process Training System – HART introduces students to temperature processes and their associated instruments and control. It features the HART Temperature Transmitter and Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency Drives.

This model needs a PLC of Series 3539 to be fully functional.

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Emergency Switch Station 5926-A
1 Process Workstation (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, and Level) 46801-E
1 Instrumentation Workstation (With Heating/Cooling Unit) 46900-D
1 Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 46905
1 J-Type Thermocouple 46916
1 Platinum RTD 100 46917
1 Temperature Transmitter (HART) 46940
1 Three-Way Pneumatic Control Valve 46955-B
1 Electrical Unit 46970-1
1 Pneumatic Unit 46971-A
1 Color Paperless Recorder 46972-A
4 46975-2
1 Instrumentation Mounting Pipe 46990
1 Process Supports (Temperature) 46991-D
1 Drip Tray (Front) 46992-B
1 Drip Tray (Back) 46992-C
1 Piping and Accessories (Temperature) - Basic System 46993-C
1 Electrical Distribution Box 46997
1 Measurement (Student Manual) 86009
1 Measurement (Instructor Guide) 86009-1
1 Process Control (Student Manual) 86010
1 Process Control (Instructor Guide) 86010-1
1 Control Valves (User Guide) 86001-E
1 Familiarization with the Training System (User Guide) 0

Temperature Process Training System – HART
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