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Electro-Mechanical Training System with DC Motor



The Electro-Mechanical Training System with DC Motor enables diverse PLC-controlled positioning and motion processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Explores drives and lead screw positioning systems used in motion processes
  • Industrial 1800 r/min, 90 V dc motor
  • Two magnetic limit switches for PLC feedback
  • Bidirectional, regenerative dc drive
  • Perforated base to accommodate optional sensors
  • Fault-insertion capability for troubleshooting
  • Optional 100 ppr optical encoder
  • Accepts three 24 V dc control signals from the PLC
  • Includes job sheets

List of equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 DC Motor Drive 3209
1 DC Motor Electro-Mechanical Module 3293
1 PLC Applications (Job Sheets - Student) 85251-2
1 PLC Applications (Job Sheets - Instructor) 85251-3

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Optical Encoder 3210

Optional Equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Push Buttons and Lights 3201
1 Toggle Switches and Lights 3202
1 Rotary Switches 3203
1 Emergency Switch 3204
2 Wiring Module 3205
1 Signal Tower 5924


Electro-Mechanical System Using DC Motor
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