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Radar Jamming Pod Trainer



The Radar Jamming Pod Trainer is a Self-Screening Jammer (SSJ) target in a compact enclosure. It is designed to be placed on the Target Positioning System, Model 9607, to electronically attack the Radar Training System by masking the target echo signal with noise or causing either range or angle deception. The Radar Jamming Pod Trainer mainly consists of an RF signal source, a variable attenuator, transmitting and receiving horn antennas, a signal repeater, an amplitude modulator, and a remote controller.

The RF signal source is a Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) whose frequency range is approximately twice that of the Radar Training System. The VCO frequency can be adjusted to perform radar jamming using spot noise. The VCO can also be modulated in frequency, either internally or externally, to produce barrage noise jamming. The variable attenuator decreases the VCO signal level before it is sent to the transmitting horn antenna. This allows the amount of noise introduced in the victim radar (i.e., the Radar) to be adjusted. The maximum transmitted power is low, thereby providing safe operation in a laboratory environment.

The receiving horn antenna intercepts the pulse signal transmitted by the Radar. The repeater, which consists of an amplifier and a programmable delay line, amplifies and delays the intercepted signal. By transmitting this signal back to the radar and gradually increasing the delay, the range gate in the radar tracking system can be captured and pulled away from the target echo, thereby producing range deception. This technique is usually referred to as Range Gate Pull Off (RGPO).

The amplitude modulator consists of an electronic RF switch which can be controlled either internally or externally. It is used to modulate the amplitude of the VCO output signal or repeated signal (on-off modulation). The amplitude modulator allows implementation of AM noise jamming and asynchronous inverse gain jamming. It also allows blinking jamming when a second transmitting horn antenna is connected to an auxiliary RF output on the Radar Jamming Pod Trainer. These three jamming techniques are used to cause angle deception in the radar tracking system.

The remote controller is used to operate the Radar Jamming Pod Trainer. Communication between the remote controller and the Radar Jamming Pod Trainer is through an infra-red link. Buttons and an LCD display on the remote controller provide access to the various functions of the Radar Jamming Pod Trainer.

The Radar Jamming Pod Trainer can be tilted 90° to perform cross-polarization jamming, another technique used to cause angle deception in the radar tracking system. It can also be used with accessories to demonstrate other jamming techniques such as sidelobe jamming, formation jamming, and jammer illuminated chaff (JAFF), as well as the fundamentals of stealth technology.

The Radar Jamming Pod Trainer operates from unregulated DC voltages. A cable allows the Radar Jamming Pod Trainer to be connected to a standard unregulated DC power bus (available on the Power Supply / Antenna Motor Driver, Model 9601, and the Power Supply, Model 9609).

Radar Jamming Pod Trainer
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