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RCS/ISAR Measurement Interface



The RCS/ISAR Measurement Interface contains additional RF circuitry that allows RCS and ISAR measurements to be performed using the Basic Radar Training System, Model 8096-1. This RF circuitry also allows the Basic Radar Training System to be converted into a synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The additional RF circuitry in the RCS/ISAR Measurement Interface consists of a time-gated, variable-gain amplifier; a circulator; and two limiters. The time-gated, variable-gain amplifier increases the peak RF power transmitted. It also maintains the average RF power transmitted to a level that allows the system to be operated safely in a classroom laboratory. The circulator is used for simultaneous transmission and reception using the same antenna. The limiters prevent saturation in the I and Q channels of the receiving section of the system (i.e., the Radar Receiver and the Dual-Channel Sampler).

RCS/ISAR Measurement Interface
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