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Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Processor



The Phase-Coded Pulse Compression Processor allows to experiment pulse compression with the radar training system. It is divided into three sections: Dual-Channel Sampler, Pulse Compressor and Pulse Generator.

The Dual-Channel Sampler samples the I- and Q-Channel baseband signals from the receiver and stretch these signals in time in order to facilitate observation and measurement. It also allows to set the origin (radar display "window") and select the range span. A time base output is available to trig an oscilloscope when displaying the A-Scope.

The Pulse Compressor compresses the pulses by correlating the digital data with the selected code using one or two compressor stages. It allows to select the sample rate of the A/D converter, select the filter mode (matched or optimum mismatched). Test points are also available to monitor the different signals using an oscilloscope.

The PRF and Sync. signals need to be inputted into the module. Note that only the 288 Hz PRF mode is supported.

The Pulse Generator allows to select the pulse compression code used to encode the baseband pulse.

A switch at the back of the module allows to inject noise into the system to experiment real-life conditions.

Additionally required equipment

Qty DescriptionModel Number
1 Power Cord - Type F 93992
1 Power Cord - Type B 95451
1 Power Cord - Type I 95451

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