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Radar Transmitter



The Radar Transmitter is an instructional module designed to provide training in system- and module-level troubleshooting. It has switches that the instructor can use to insert faults. These switches, as well as the circuit boards and test points, are accessed through the hinged door on top of the module.

The Radar Transmitter generates an RF signal that can be either frequency modulated or amplitude modulated. It includes an RF oscillator, a pulse generator, and an amplitude modulator.

The RF oscillator has a frequency modulator with variable modulation frequency and deviation. It also has a variable output frequency, which is indicated on 2½ digit display. An RF power switch allows the RF output to be disabled.

The pulse generator produces the pulses required by the system. It provides discrete and continuous variation of the pulse width. The pulse generator output signal controls the amplitude modulator to produce the pulsed (amplitude-modulated) RF signal.

Unregulated dc power is automatically supplied to the Radar Transmitter through self-aligning connectors when it is installed on the Power Supply / Antenna Motor Driver.

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