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Radar Target Tracking Interface



The Radar Target Tracking Interface is a compact module designed to be installed into one of the slots on the RTM of the Radar Processor/Display. The module provides the lobe switching control signal and the RF circuitry (bias tee and DC blocking capacitor) required to perform lobe switching with the Dual Feed Parabolic Antenna. To allow manual or automatic control of the radar antenna rotation, the Radar Target Tracking Interface is also used to intercept the rotation command signal produced by the antenna controller before it reaches the antenna motor driver.

The Radar Target Tracking Interface is provided with four SMA connectors that provide access to the lobe switching RF circuitry. It also has two BNC-connector inputs (lobe switch control input and antenna rotation command input) and two BNC-connector outputs (lobe switch control output and antenna rotation command output). All these inputs and outputs are protected from misconnections within the system. Test points are available on the module's front panel to observe the signals on the BNC-connector inputs and outputs using a conventional oscilloscope.

DC power is automatically supplied to the Radar Target Tracking Interface when it is installed into the RTM.

Radar Target Tracking Interface
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