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Orbit Simulator Software



The Orbit Simulator software is a highly motivating and interactive tool designed to help students visualize and grasp these important concepts.

This software provides 2D and 3D animated views of the Earth and orbiting satellites as well as a plane view of one orbit. Students can display typical orbits of existing satellites, such as geosynchronous, geostationary, quasi-geostationary, quasi-zenith, polar, LEO, MEO and highly elliptical (e.g. Molniya) orbits and create their own satellites by entering the appropriate orbital elements. They can also modify the orbital elements of any satellite and observe the result. The animation can be viewed in real time, accelerated or stopped.

The software demonstrates various aspects of satellite coverage such as visibility, footprints, elevation contours, time of visibility, revisit time, swath, satellite constellations, global and spot satellite antenna beams, and instantaneous and long-term coverage. It also helps students understand factors critical to the alignment of Earth station antennas to geostationary satellites such as satellite longitude, antenna look angles and polarization angle (skew).

A Student Manual and an Instructor Guide with exercises on satellite orbits and coverage are included.

Features & Benefits

  • Use IT to help students understand the behavior of the satellites when designing, using or maintaining a satellite system
  • Demonstrate various aspects of satellite coverage
  • Practice antenna alignment with real geostationary satellites (with optional accessories)
  • Students can see unfamiliar concepts in action, such as inertial and rotating frames of reference and coordinate systems, etc.

Topic Coverage

  • Satellite Orbits
  • Coverage
  • Antenna alignment

List of equipment

DescriptionSystem Number
Orbit Simulator Software 9581
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-A
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-B
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-C
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-D
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-E
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-F
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-G
Orbit Simulator Software 9581-H


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Spectrum analyzer
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True RMS Voltmeter / Power Meter
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Binary Sequence Generator and Waveform Generator settings
Download Image

File transfer using the Data Transmitter and Data Receiver applications
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World-wide coverage provided by the IRIDIUM satellite system
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Active geostationary satellites
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Four different coordinate system axes, subsatellite point and ground track
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Orbit Simulator Software - Screenshot
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Orbit Simulator Software - Screenshot
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Orbit Simulator Software - Screenshot
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The Orbit Simulator Software presents 2D and 3D views of orbits along with orbital data.
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