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Data Acquisition and Control Interface



The Data Acquisition and Control Interface (DACI) is a versatile USB peripheral used for measuring, observing, analyzing, and controlling electrical and mechanical parameters in electric power systems and power electronics circuits. For these purposes, a set of computer-based instruments as well as a variety of control functions are available for the DACI. These instruments and control functions are accessed through the LVDAC-EMS software. The LVDAC-EMS software, as well as all available upgrades, is free and can be downloaded anytime on the Festo Didactic website.

Together, the DACI and the LVDAC-EMS software allow training in various areas such as electric power technology, ac/dc machines, renewable energy, transmission lines, and power electronics using modern and versatile measuring instruments and control functions. LVDAC-EMS also offers the possibility to use pre-built SCADA interfaces for several applications to ease the view and understanding of the process taking place. The user guide provided allows students to quickly become familiar with the instruments and control functions available.

Model 9063-0 includes only the DACI, Model 9063, with no control function set activated. This enables the user to customize the DACI by individually picking the computer-based instruments and control function sets that he wants to activate in the DACI.

Alternately, variant 9063-0 is also used in several courses as an extension module. This means that it is used in conjunction to another DACI in which particular control function sets are activated. Both DACIs are connected to a single computer running LVDAC-EMS. When used in such a way, variant 9063-0 shares all control function sets activated in the other DACI. For example, if the Computer-Based Instrumentation Function, Model 9069-1, and the Three-Phase PWM Rectifier/Inverter Control Function Set, Model 9069-5, are activated in the other DACI, these function sets will also be available in variant 9063-0. This enables the user to perform courses requiring the use of more than one DACI without having to activate the same control function sets in all DACIs.

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1 Personal Computer 8990

Data Acquisition And Control Interface
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