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Mechanical Drives Learning System (SI units): Workstation Package



Gain precious time with a turnkey solution for teaching the fundamentals of industrial mechanics

The Mechanical drives learning system exposes students to the hardware, tools, measuring apparatus, and methods used by industrial mechanics to keep plants running. It covers the identification, installation, and troubleshooting of common machine elements, and is suitable for beginners in vocational schools, as well as industrial mechanics who need to refresh their basic skills.

Hardware is of industrial-grade, yet small and light enough to be handled by one student. Most of the hands-on exercises take place inside an ergonomic and safe workstation which is the foundation of the system.

The Mechanical drives learning system is divided into a Workstation package (required for all topics) and four levels. Each level consists of separate models that include hardware, tools, measuring apparatus, and instructor manuals. Optional topics and hardware are also offered.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and ergonomic workstation
  • Small footprint
  • Hundreds of possible setups with movable T-slotted extrusions
  • Turnkey solution with necessary fasterners and tools
  • Optional work bench available to store components from all levels

List of equipment

Qty Description Model Number
1 Workstation (SI Units) 46860
1 Panel with shafts and couplings 46861
1 Pillow block bearings panel 46862
1 Workstation Accessories (SI units) 46863
1 Introduction to Mechanical Drive Systems (Workbook (Instructor)) 52934-3
1 Belt Drives 1 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54332-3
1 Chain Drives 1 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54333-3
1 Gear Drives 1 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54334-3
1 Mechanical Drives Training System (User Guide) 54435-E
1 Belt Drives 2 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54977-3
1 Chain Drives 2 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54978-3
1 Gear Drives 2 (Workbook (Instructor)) 54979-3
1 Shaft Alignment and Couplings (Workbook (Instructor)) 49138-3
1 Bearings and Seals (Workbook (Instructor)) 49348-3
1 Clutches and brakes (Workbook (Instructor)) 49349-3
1 Ball Screws and Linear Bearings (Workbook (Instructor)) 49350-3
1 Bearings and Seals (Workbook (Instructor)) 49348-3
1 Ball Screws and Linear Bearings (Workbook (Instructor)) 49350-3

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